Asociación Amigos del Palmeral de Abanilla (AAPA)

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Now, as a group of "Friends of Palm Abanilla", we have formed an association to recover and restore the image of the splendor of other times in the town, the legendary activity and ability that characterized our ancestors and the tasty, healthy and typical dates, fruit of the undisputed queen of the native vegetation of our oasis, the palm tree.

Objectives of the Association

Cultivation, planting and maintenance of thousands of date palms Phoenix dactylifera “in Abanilla, and the preservation of existing ones, so that the municipality of Murcia regain its historic splendor of palm, creating a new social consciousness of pride and self-esteem, leaving a legacy for future generations and a living example of the duty of mankind to fight climate change and conserving the environment.

Target groups

All people, men and women, businesses, organizations and entities that are concerned and have an interest in getting involved in conservation and environmental improvement, without exception, with the sole purpose of recovering the Palm Abanilla and energize this area Murcia creating a legacy for the enjoyment of future generations.

Our association was founded in 2010, joining a group of people with great social and environmental concerns, which aims to revitalize the economic environment and the municipality of Abanilla, your palm and its related activities, thereby generating a legacy to our children.

On August 10 signed the Charter and Bylaws being registered with CIF G73692238 Association in the Register of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Finance. In October of that year, the Autonomous ommunity of Murcia we entered in the Register of Associations of the Region of Murcia under No. 10244 / 1 st, beginning our journey.

In February 2011, we entered as Training Institution (institution code: E1371), the Regional Employment Service and Training of the Autonomous Region of Murcia.


Asociación Amigos del Palmeral de Abanilla (AAPA)
Paraje el Tollé, 126 B – Planta Baja
30640 Abanilla

t: +34-689296845

Asociación Amigos del Palmeral de Abanilla (AAPA)
Paraje el Tollé, 126 B – Planta Baja



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