Asociatia Peisagistilor din Romania

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The Landscape Architects Association of Romania is a nongovernmental and nonpolitical organization that has emerged as a necessity to support the exercise of the profession of landscape, landscape architecture support as an act of artistic creation but also to promote the principles set forth by the Landscape Convention, ratified by Romania in 2002.

The interdisciplinary approach, but also through involvement in research, projects, interventions, AsoP Romania aims to promote the benefits of practicing landscape architect activity. Cooperation with other related disciplines as well as exchanges of experience will make the profession of landscape to reach a maximum level of professional maturity in Romania.

To achieve all these objectives, the Association of Landscape Architects of Romania has established a strategy which aims on the one hand creating a legal framework for practicing the profession of landscape architecture and landscape in Romania and on the other hand to promote the profession in a society where interest in developing urban green space is on the sideline.

AsoP main objectives set forth by statute are:

  1. Mention and recognition in the landscape profession trades classification.
  2. Promoting education, research, consulting expertise and landscape planning, environmental protection and sustainable development.
  3. Promoting the image of landscape architects, such as: exhibits, sessions, debates, lectures, competitions and other related activities and profile of the country and abroad.
  4. Establishing and strengthening links between different educational institutions, organizations, foundations, associations and companies in the field and related areas, national and international.
  5. Establish collaborative programs with organizations, foundations, associations and companies in the field or related fields, government and NGOs.
  6. Protecting and promoting the rights and interests of members of the Association in accordance with the law.
AsoP promotes the active implication of the citizens in the developement of the green spaces and encourage them to join in the efforts of the non-profit organisations in improving the quality of life.



Asociatia Peisagistilor din Romania
O.P. nr. 1, C.P. nr. 223 Judetul Timis
300645 Timisoara, jud. Timic;

t: +40 751 161242

Asociatia Peisagistilor din Romania
O.P. nr. 1, C.P. nr. 223 Judetul Timis



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