Center for Regional Researches (CRI)

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Center for Regional Researches is an organization that aims to introduce and promote intersectoral, interdisciplinary and innovative approaches to the governance and management of socio-spatial systems, approaches that recongnize the close interdependence of social and natural systems within (and determined by) their spatial frame. It is our belief that the key to sustainibility is to research the mechanisms of interactions and interdependencies at any specific place, and to utilize the mechanisms revealed through this research in policies, especially the policies related to spatial actions and management.

The Center for Regional Researches was founded in 2005 as a civil society organization in order to be able to preserve the interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach in an environment where the complexity of socio-spatial interdependencies is not recongnized in institutions and official policies, and in a surrounding of sectorial approach to the issues of space. We hope to encourage and enhance the civil participation in managing socio-spatial processes both on local and national level.

Main objectives and goals of the center are:
To promote the awareness of importance of the perception of the social quality of space and the spatial quality of the society in complex socio-spatial planning, urban and rural management and policy-making
Introduction and promotion of regionalist approach to socio-spatial processes
To promote the idea, that every social process and decision is by it`s nature a spatial process, and that vice versa, every spatial or environmental process is a social process.
To create a transdisciplinary platform for sharing information, building up knowledge and interaction of experts of various fields, both from institutions and the CSO-s, in order to formulate and influence the spatial policies
To research legal aspects of spatial planning, landscape planning, urbanism, environmental issues, transport, public finances, territorial organization and other related fields and to improve the civil participation in management of socio-spatial processes by education related to.

Fields of activity

  • Research – theoretical and empirical, collection of data
  • Educational – seminars, lectures, workshops, presentations
  • Publishing
  • Cooperation with other organizations, institutions and associations

Center for Regional Researches (CRI)
Pazinska 13/22
24000 Subotica

t: +381 64 138 7229
f: +381 63 884 2543

Center for Regional Researches (CRI)
Pazinska 13/22




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