Deutscher Rat für LandespflegeGerman Council for Land Stewardship

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The German Council for Land Stewardship is a non-profit organisation which was established in 1962 by the former President of the Federal Republic of Germany Dr. h. c. Heinrich Lübke, who wanted advice in environmental politics.

Task and working method: The task is to work out expertises in the field of nature conservation, landscape management, landscape planning and environmental protection. Basic objects of the work are fixed in the Green Charter of the Mainau. The German Council applies for projects of actual importance at different institutions (e. g. ministries, foundations). The topics of actual importance are discussed during the two assemblies per year. Usually work begins with a scientific conference. The results of such a meeting are the bases for further researches and discussions with other experts; this work is done by subcommittees of the members and by the co-workers of the office. The result is a scientific expertise with recommendations what has to be changed (e. g. laws, guidelines, education) in future. The expertises are regularly published in a series (Schriftenreihe des Deutschen Rates für Landespflege) and send to all political parties, decision makers, universities, higher and lower administrations, non-profit organizations/nature conservation groups, who may be concerned in those questions and interested in improving the situation. Nobody is forced to follow up the advice, but especially in legislation important inputs were given.

Finances: The German Council for Land Stewardship applies for projects at different institutions.

Members: There is a limited number of members: The German Council for Land Stewardship can have 20 active members. In addition it provides honorary members and correspondend members. The members are chosen by the council assemblies. The members represent the following fields and are experienced experts in their subjects: landscape ecology, landscape planning, biology, forestry, agriculture, city planning, architecture, economy, legislation, industry. The actual number of members is 29.


Deutscher Rat für Landespflege
Mainzer Str. 138
53179 Bonn

t: +49 228 331097
f: +49 228 332747

Deutscher Rat für Landespflege
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