Gardarsholm Project

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The Gardarsholm Project will become a world centre for environmental discussion and research, linking national and international learning institution.

1. Mission statement

The Gardarsholm Project provides the tools and knowledge for people to make positive decisions in shaping a sustainable future – for Iceland and the rest of the world – and establishes Husavik as an aspirational model for the regeneration of peripheral coastal communities.

2. Aims

To explore the relationship between human culture and the environment in which we live.
To celebrate human courage and innovation, drawing from Nordic heritage and Iceland’s discovery.
To support and promote awareness of, and research in, environmental sustainability.
To create an international information exchange that focuses support for the plight of peripheral communities around the world.

3. Educational goals

Understanding the past and present is vital to making choices for the future. Key to the Gardarsholm

Project is ensuring visitors:

1. Learn from Iceland’s past
Celebrating the courage and skills of early Nordic settlers, while understanding the mistakes they unknowingly made.
Showing how the landscape has shaped — and been shaped by — Icelandic society.
2. Engage with Iceland today
Highlighting the relevance of Iceland’s ecological circumstance to the global community.
Sharing knowledge, research, innovation and ideas with the world.
Debating the most pressing environmental issues affecting us all.
3. Read Iceland’s landscape
Offering the tools with which to read Iceland’s environment, and the processes that have shaped it.
Providing the incentive to go out, explore and take action.
4. Focus on a sustainable future
Showing that change to our lives is inevitable.
Demonstrating that engagement and participation are key to making this change positive.
Stressing the power of individual choice and communal action.


Gardarsholm Project


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Gardarsholm Project



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