Гильдии ландшафтных архитекторов Украины (ГЛАУ)Guild of Landscape Architects of Ukraine (GLAU)

Legal seat:

The Guild of Landscape Architects of Ukraine (GLAU) is the organization for landscape architects, designers of Ukraine. The purpose of association – all possible assistance to the establishment and development of landscape architecture as an important means of creating an environment for people’s lives, as part of the national culture.

Aims and objectives

  • Increase the prestige of the profession of landscape architecture, its development and promotion of socio-economic and cultural life of the State;
  • Development of international exchange of experience, information, promotion of European initiatives;
  • Encouraging innovation in professional work, in education and research.


Landscape policy:

  • Develop and promote relevant topics relating to landscape architecture in the state bodies;
  • Participate in the work of the committees and working groups EFLA.


  • Develop and optimize information products GLAU in collaboration with relevant partners (IFLA and EFLA);
  • Develop new ways of interactive communication;
  • Develop and maintain contacts and communication with institutions and professional organizations related to the landscape;
  • Organize and promote relevant conferences and seminars.


  • Promote the general principles of education and IFLA EFLA.Pooschryat publication of educational materials in landscape architecture;
  • Maintain and develop vocational education in the field of landscape architecture.

Professional practice:

  • Contribute to the European directive of professional qualifications in cooperation with EFLA;
  • Create professional standards in landscape architecture;
  • Promote the protection, restoration, sustainable use of monuments of landscape art;
  • The annual competition for the National Award “Ukraine kvіtucha.”

Guild of Landscape Architects of Ukraine (GLAU)
Ivana Mazepy st 21
1010 Kiew

t: +38 044 2230281
f: +38 044 2573457

Guild of Landscape Architects of Ukraine (GLAU)
21 Ivana Mazepy st, 21
1010 Kiew


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