Heimatbund Thüringen e.V.


Modern Preservation directs his gaze to the past and also on the future. It is no longer enough to explore the cultural heritage and to preserve it. The incredibly fast deformations of natural habitats and permanent transformation of all areas of life increase the importants of regional heritage management. They linked their rich store of historical knowledge with the discussion of current issues and the direction of social development. A contribution to a sustainable, resource and socially just world is a central concern of the regional heritage management.

The members and partners of the Thuringian Heimatbund are composed of a wide range of active social forces. This results in a full potential of knowledge, experience and competence, which is used to a prosperous development of the state of Thuringia. In this ongoing process, new, interested and engaged members are always welcome.

The Heimatbund THÜRINGEN e. V. is a member of the Federation and home environment (BHU), the umbrella organization of 18 state associations in the Federal Republic of Germany. The federal government and home environment in Germany (BHU) is the Federation of Citizens Associations and the home in Germany. It represents through its national associations around half a million members on site. The BHU is engaged in the focus of his activities with the cultural landscape and is committed to conservation and development.




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