ICOMOS-UK Cultural Landscapes and Historic Gardens Committee

Legal seat:

This Committee takes a particular interest in the cultural landscape dimension of World Heritage Sites. As the Landscape Working Group (LWG) the committee joined CIVILSCAPE in 2009.

Its members meet regularly to:

  • Review and comment on development proposals or guidance relating to cultural landscapes
  • Promote the implementation of the European Landscape Convention with the ICOMOS-UK/IUCN-UK Landscape Working Group
  • Raise awareness through research, projects or events
  • Develop good practice


London Views

In 2019, Hal Moggridge (OBE VMH PPLI FIHORT RIBA AADIP), Consultant from Colvin & Moggridge, prepared for the ICOMOS-UK Cultural Landscapes and Historic Gardens Committeee an analysis of views of Westminster WHS.Click here for the result of the analysis: Doc 1 and Doc 2

In 2016 the committee organised a very successful international conference on Capability Brown.

Through the London Views project it has developed a photographic record of the principal and historic views in and out of the World Heritage Sites based in London. Views of Greenwich and the three other London World Heritage sites featured in a photographic exhibition on Sharing Heritage at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London in September 2013.

Implementing the European Landscape Convention 2006





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