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Landscape Overijssel protects, manages and develops nature and landscape quality for humans, plants and animals so that there is good life. We also organize activities to enjoy nature & landscape. We are an organization with knowledgeable people, paid and unpaid, who put their heart and soul to nature and landscape.

Beautiful scenery and a landscape in which you are happy, we make with others. We obviously do mainly with the residents and visitors to our province. But even with the province, municipalities and water boards, other organizations and businesses in Overijssel.

What are we doing concret?

  • We manage and develop the typical local landscape in our province. For example, we maintain and restore landscape features, such as hedgerows, ponds and orchards.
  • We share our knowledge with anyone who feels involved in the landscape. In our knowledgebase, you learn like how to prune a fruit tree.
  • We manage and develop nature. We do this in our own nature reserves. We also make our hard for biodiversity in green blue veining of the landscape.
  • We encourage nature are the places where opportunities. Grounds waiting for their final development offer good opportunities for temporary nature. Pioneer species evolve prosper for example at the industrial site Eeserwold at Steenwijk.
  • We organize excursions, activity days and exhibitions to show people the value of nature and landscape experience. we want to make people aware of how nature & landscape emerge and develop.
  • We organize practical courses. For example how you create an orchard on your own yard or maintains such course like pruning of fruit trees.

Landscape Overijssel exists since 80 years!

Overijssel is beautiful. Overijssel is rich, with a large variety of landscapes. As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, we want to make visible these riches with the book The landscapes of Overijssel. But of course, we especially want to invite everyone to go see these riches. What is your place?


Landschap Overijssel
Huis “de Horte”
Poppenallee 2a
7722 KW Dalfsen


Landschap Overijssel
Huis “de Horte” Poppenallee 39
7722 KW Dalfsen


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