Niedersächsischer HeimatbundLower Saxonian Heritage Federation

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The Niedersächsische Heimatbund is the working group of local heritage, history, museum and citizens associations, the county heritage societies, relevant regional and professional associations as well as associations, initiatives and communities linked to local heritage in a broader sense. The NHB is covering in this way the state territory of Lower Saxony. Members are also Landschaften and Landschaftsverbände (both are public bodies), which are stakeholder to the local heritage activities. (Individuals can become member in the “Friends of the NHB” associaton, but not in the NHB itself.)

From its own undesertanding the NHB is also a working group of administrative stakeholders involved in local heritage activities like administrations, corporations and institutions, in particular the local authorities. In this way Lower Saxon counties and county-level cities and numerous towns and communities, academic institutions and other institutions are member of the NHB.

The Niedersächsische Heimatbund

  • works beyond regional level and non-partisan.
  • represents as regional federation the state of Lower Saxony in the “Bund Heimat und Umwelt in Deutschland (BHU)” which is the federal umbrella organisation.
  • receives institutional subsudies from the state of Lower Saxony.

Niedersächsischer Heimatbund e. V.
Rotenburger Straße 21
30659 Hannover

t: +49 511 3533770
f: +49 511 35337711

Niedersächsischer Heimatbund e. V.
Rotenburger Straße 21
30659 Hannover


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