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The scope of the Regional Landscape Green Corridor (RLGC association) is located in the northwest of the province of Vlaams-Brabant, north of Brussels. It includes twelve cities and towns (Asse, Grimbergen, Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Londerzeel, Meise, Merchtem, Opwijk Steenokkerzeel, Vilvoorde, Wemmel, Zaventem and Zemst) with a total area of ​​35,215 hectares and has since January 1, 2010 finally recognized.

The landscape in the Green Corridor is composed by hilly with loamy soils in the South and rather flat one with sandy soils in the North. De Zenne and the valleys of the Molenbeek, Birrebeek, Laarbeek, Maalbeek, Barrebeek, … forms striking green blue ribbons in the landscape. Despite the urban sprawl there are in the region still a lot of natural pearls intact.

Working together to create nature and landscape, as we go for!

Along with all users of the open space (recreation, farmers, hunters, nature lovers, …) and with the financial support of the Flemish government ( Agency for Nature and Forest, and Space & Heritage ) , Province of Flemish Brabant , and the connected cities and towns we work in our region to a more beautiful , varied landscape with a larger nature . RLGC not focus here only on nature conservation and development, also care for small landscapes and cultural heritage is one of our tasks.
Many of our interventions and actions in the field focus on areas with important natural yet. Construction and recovery of “small landscape elements” (KLE) such as ponds, hedges, hedges, orchards, … in these areas are a priority for us.

But we want to be at the service of everyone in the region, the small garden owner to farmer with an extensive area. We want to encourage the planting of hedges, hedges, hedges and tall trees. Through our annual fruit tree and hedge planting action we are showing that everyone can furnish their gardens nature friendly.
We address also farmers in consultation with our business planners to conclude management agreements in terms of outdoor recreation, practical courses and other public activities. We want to bring people in touch with nature which is still present in their region (including the construction of grass strips under erosion control or field borders management for farmland birds ).
Through various initiatives RLGC also has a rich natural and environmental educational programs tailored to pre-primary, primary, and secondary education. In addition, youth movements, associations and schools themselves to work with our nature lending suitcases.

Woodland owner finally can come to our sister organization the Forest group Green Corridor association for advice and assistance in forestry work, timber sales, grant, kapmachtigingen, management, training, …


Regionaal Landschap Groene Corridor vzw
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1800 Vilvoorde

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Regionaal Landschap Groene Corridor vzw
Leuvensestraat 117




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