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The foundation Instandhouding Kleine Landschapselementen in Limburg, IKL (Landscape Limburg) is working province wide to ensure the visible, ecological and cultural-historical value in the Limburg countryside outside areas. Unlike land management agencies such as Limburg Landscape, Nature and Forestry IKL does not own land.

In our work we draw explicit attention to the patterns, elements and features in the landscape and the involvement of people in the biography of the landscape.

To preserve and restore the landscape in Limburg has a large IKL executive service with various specialists and acts as a knowledge institution, landscape broker and intermediary services in the field of green.

The public support for conservation and restoration of a varied landscape fosters IKL through targeted programs for landscape elements, endangered plants and animals, cultural history, archeology and geology. We do this for and with local communities and voluntary groups (6000 people working on an annual basis). Before and education, individuals and municipalities.


Stichting IKL
Godsweerderstraat 2
6041 GH Roermond

t: +31 (475) 386430
f: +31 (475) 386459

Stichting IKL
Godsweerderstraat 2



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