Sveriges HembygdsförbundSwedish Local Heritage Federation

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Sveriges hembygdsförbund provides support and service to local folklore societies and regional homeland associations in the process of cultural heritage. They also represent local history movement’s interests in dealings with authorities and decision makers, and cooperates with other social movements.

Sveriges hembygdsförbund’s mission is to make the homestead movement more visible in society. They strong believe on the value of local history that more people should benefit from. They are also confident that a deeper knowledge of the home area, the local site, are important for sustainable development.


Sveriges hembygdsförbund (SHF) representing native interests of the movement in contacts with authorities and decision makers. They are courting politicians and answer referrals, organize meetings and debates, and more.

SHF is working for

  • a vibrant cultural life that is open to all people’s participation
  • a strong and independent associations
  • an accessible cultural heritage preservation, use and development
  • a sustainable community, where local history movement’s knowledge and voluntary sector engagement utilized as a resource

Some current issues:

  • Empowerment of the homestead movement in regional cultural plans, which form the basis for the allocation of state and county contributions to culture.
  • The new EU Rural Development Programme. SHF involved in reference groups and highlights the association perspective.
  • Enhanced funding for heritage protection. Investment Houses with history reveals a great need for efforts to preserve Sweden’s unique building culture.
  • The conservation of the parish as a geographical area for the subdivision of the population. Ministry of Finance prepares a proposal in which people will only be registered at the municipal and real estate. The proposal threatens a historical continuity with medieval roots and will make strong for future research.
  • Increased protection for the forest as a heritage. Despite efforts to strengthen the conservation of cultural heritage sites in the forest, causing the forestry major damage to cultural relics in the woods.
  • Continuation of tax exemption for nonprofit associations. The EU has decided to cancel the previous exemption for nonprofit organizations and introduce VAT tax. SHF agrees with a single club, it would create major problems for associations.
  • Prevent the theft of cultural objects. SHF collaborates with the Swedish Church, the Association of Swedish Museums, BRÅ and the National Police to strengthen the protection of cultural property.


Sveriges hembygdsförbund is formed by about 2,000 independent local associations and 26 regional associations.

Hembygdsföreningen (local societies) are member of the regional associations and also the Swedish Local Heritage Federation. The association pays a membership fee based on the number of members of the association. The local association appoints representatives to the regional association annual meeting. The regional association in turn, appoints representatives to the Sveriges hembygdsförbund’s annual meeting.


Sveriges Hembygdsförbund
Box 6167
102 33 Stockholm


Sveriges Hembygdsförbund
Box 6167
102 33 Stockholm


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