Mişcarea Ecologistă din MoldovaEcological Movement from Moldova

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Ecological Movement of Moldova (EMM) is a voluntary and non-governmental environmental organisation committed to restoring the natural balance of the environment in Moldova through sustainable development, conservation of natural resources and preservation of important ecological sites and monuments. <br />EMM was founded on 15th of November 1990, being officially registered in July 1991. Its group of volunteers, initially forming the Green Movement, was active since 1983 and has gained public attention through activities of saving Saharna and Stanca Mare mouments and through the expeditions on Nistru and Prut rivers.

One of the main activities of EMM is to inform the public at large on the problems associated with environmental conservation and protection in the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the Constitution of Republic of Moldova,the existing legislation and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

EMM acts as an umbrella organization for a total of 10 territorial branches and 15 affiliations with more than 2,000 members. In order to fulfil the needs of local communities, EMM supports territorial branches in 10 different districts of Moldova. Every EMM’s territorial branch has the right to be a legal entity.

EMM’s goals are: to form an environmental vision and contribute to the awareness raising of citizens on this issue; restore natural balance; change collective mentalities for the better of the environment and greening of the society; recovery of the environment;restoration of cultural and spiritual ethical-moral universe by developing and implementing projects in the following areas and fields:

  1. Environmental education, information and training;
  2. Access to information and public participation;
  3. Protected areas, biodiversity, natural and cultural heritage, ecological and sustainable tourism;
  4. Spiritual Ecology;
  5. Development of partnerships;
  6. Integrated management of water resources;
  7. Advice, expertise and audit; Compliance to environmental legislation and access to justice;
  8. EU integration and connection to EU environmental standards;
  9. etc.

EMM was legally founded in 1990 but it has a rich history of over three decades in the field of public education in environmental problems. EMM’s efforts in information dissemination, public awareness, and active participation at the local level contribute to its goal of promoting civil society in the Republic of Moldova. EMM acts as an organizer and supporter of community-based projects and initiatives, thereby advocating non-governmental citizen action.

EMM’s work in the protection and conservation of the environment has been acknowledged by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and accordingly, in 1995 EMM has been admitted in IUCN – one of the most prestigious environmental organizations in the world. Since 2002, EMM is the Danube Environmental Forum National Focal Point in the Republic of Moldova.

EMM has implemented a series of environmental education projects, being a major player in civil society, forming public opinion on attitudes towards environmental issues and the importance of their resolution, promoting environmental education and public awareness.

EMM implemented projects related to: water; small rivers, waste management; public awareness and trainings on environmental protection; educational publications, trips and demonstrative lessons. The main achievements in this field are: environmental education materials, leaflet, posters and books about: water, soil, waste, nutrients and protection of rivers, POP, natural and cultural heritage, sustainable development; environmental films; rich experience in managing, implementing environmental projects. EMM is the founder of the first journal of ecology in the Republic of Moldova.


Ecological Movement from Moldova (MEM)
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Ecological Movement from Moldova (MEM)
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