On 23 February 2008, representatives of NGOs (non-governmental organisations) from 6 different countries have decided to set up the association CIVILSCAPE in a meeting in the Villa Careggi, Florence. During the first five years organisations from more than 28 European countries became a member of our network – a community that is still growing and welcomes new members every month.

CIVILSCAPE is a network of member organisations where each of them have equal rights as members. Our member organisation are diverse in many ways which is reflecting the rich diversity of civil society in Europe. They are different in size, age, type and even focus. But all of them are dedicated to the implementation of the European Landscape Convention.

Looking for the different size our member organisations have, you will find organisations which themselves are formed by a small number of member organisations. While others have a national coverage through their members. In this way some of our biggest organisations represent more than 500.000 individual members in their country.

Our oldest member organisation was founded more than 200 years ago in 1807. Several are around hundred years old, but most are much younger. While our youngest organisations was founded just some weeks ago. Bringing these different member organisations together, offers a huge share of experiences, but also the novelty of emerging organisations.

CIVILSCAPE is formed by member organisations which are active on local, regional, national or even European level. Some of them are informal communities, while other are formally established as a legal body in their country. There are organisations which have individual members, while others are themselves networks of organisations.

List of members