Peyzaj Araştırmaları DerneğTurkish Landscape Research Society

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Turkish Landscape Research Society (PAD) is a national non-governmental organization which was established in 2012 in Ankara.

The goals and objectives of the society:

  • To approach natural and cultural components together pursuant to landscape scale; to emphasise flows and functions existing in the landscape and to preserve this structure with human and all the other living and non-living things in landscape; to contribute to transfer these components to next generations and to mold public opinion about these issues;
  • To evaluate every human activity affecting natural and cultural landscapes from a social and ecological benefit point of view and to reconstruct these activities within this regard;
  • To redefine human needs within place perception, to approach production/consumption patterns pursuant to resource management and to enhance and spread technologies, architecture, life styles that fits that management best.

Some of the interest areas and issues of PAD

  • Natural landscape
  • Cultural landscape
  • Protected areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Landscape ecology
  • Landscape quality
  • Urban areas
  • Urban accessibility
  • Urban design
  • Urban regeneration and renewal
  • Urban open-green spaces
  • Landscape perception
  • Landscape philosophy
  • Landscape restoration
  • Landscape planning and management
  • Rural areas and agricultural landscape
  • Watershed management
  • Coastal area management
  • Historical and archeological areas
  • Wetlands
  • Natural vegetation and flora
  • International conventions related to landscape
  • Remote sensing and GIS
  • Subjects related to landscape in neighbouring disciplines such as architecture, sociology, biology, geology, geography, urban and regional planning, agricultural engineering.

Peyzaj Araştırmaları Derneğ
1. Tbmm. Cd. 13-B Blok No.6 Eryaman

t: +90 432 2251056
f: +90 432 2251104

Peyzaj Araştırmaları Derneğ
1. Tbmm. Cd. 13-B Blok No.6 Eryaman



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