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The Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland is situated in the North-Eastern region of Limburg, Belgium. This vast area of enchanting heather in the National Park ‘Hoge Kempen’, mysterious swamps in ‘Kempen~Broek’, and the impressive river Meuse in the ‘Maasvallei’, will let you admire Flanders largest woodland and nature reserve at its best.

Well-marked walking and cycling paths guide you on your way through this unique area.

On July 1st, 1990 the Regionaal Landschap Hoge Kempen officially kicked off. The initiative found its origin in the cooperation between ‘Natuurreservaten’ (now ‘Natuurpunt’, a nature organization) and the former ‘Kempense Steenkoolmijnen NV (Coalmines of the Campine)’. Within the scope of the so called “reconversion of Limburg”, on the council of the province has been very supportive from the start.

Soon after, 12 municipalities and 9 nature organizations joined their ranks. Later on the government, through the department of nature, offered financial aid.

The name changed to Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland, to better incorporate the important geographical operational areas: the ‘Kempens Plateau’ and the valley of the ‘Grensmaas’.

The inspiration for the foundation of a non-profit organization came from the bordering countries: the German ‘Naturparken’, and the French ‘Parcs Naturels Regionaux’. In 1997 the Flemish concept of a regional landscape gained a juridical base in the new Decree for Natural conservation and environment.


A regional landscape is a very unique area, it will show you beautiful sceneries, stunning nature, and a rich cultural history. In other words, the area is one of a kind.

A regional landscape is also a partnership, between the Flemish Government, the province of Limburg, nature organizations and agricultural organizations. A creative project team guides the cooperation between all the different partners.

Very importantly, a regional landscape is not a nature organization itself, but it helps these organizations to achieve their goals. It is also not a touristic organization, although it tries to stimulate sustainable tourism. All in all, a regional landscape tries to (re)connect nature, with itself, but also with tourism.


The Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland wants to reinforce and accentuate the qualities of nature in her operational range. We want to convince people that natural conservation and development are no handicaps, but that they can be an added value for the region.

Unknown, unloved.

When the local community, but also tourists, get the chance to explore a region on foot or by bike, they will appreciate this region a lot more. Moreover, a beautiful area can generate extra income for the region. People from outside the area will visit, to relax and spent some quality time here. This enjoyment has in turn a positive effect on the local economy.


Regionaal Landshap Kempen en Maasland
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Regionaal Landshap Kempen en Maasland
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3600 Genk


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