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The Rozmberk Society is a registered, not-for-profit, non-governmental "Public Benefit Corporation". The mission of the Society is the conservation of natural and cultural heritage combined with a sustainable regional development. Our operating area is South Bohemia, Czech Republic, and in particular the eastern part comprising the Micro-Region Ruze and the Trebon Biosphere Reserve.

To help achieve our objectives, promoting sustainable economic development in rural areas, creating new jobs, involvement of the local inhabitants, and increasing public awareness are paramount in all our activities.

The Ecomuseum Ruze is an initiative of the Rozmberk Society in collaborating with several local and regional partners, in particular the Association Microregion Ruze and the Trebon Biosphere Reserve and Protected Landscape Administration .

The idea for establishing the ecomuseum came through the initiative of the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation to introduce the eco-museum concept as grassroots initiative in places of high natural and cultural values. It was organized under the auspices of the International Visegrad Fund in the framework of a project called “Establishing a Visegrad network of “Eco-museums” for restoring and maintaining living heritage at the local level in Central Europe”

As long-time partner of the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, the Rozmberk Society submitted a proposal and was elected to start develop the ecomuseum concept in South Bohemia. Since that time, the Society has been involved in further developing the ecomuseum concept both in the region and also in a wider European collaboration working for a European Network of Ecomuseums.



Romzberk Society p.b.c. (Spolecnost Rozmberk o.p.s.)
Jilovice – Kojakovice 80, P.O.Box 41
37901 Trebon

t: +420 724 132 180

Romzberk Society p.b.c. (Spolecnost Rozmberk o.p.s.)
Jilovice – Kojakovice 80, P.O.Box 41



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