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Our society has been founded in spring of 2011 as a voluntary association of people sensitive to the extraordinary landscape surrounding the monastery and basilica of the Holy Mountain in Pribram.

Our mission

assembling the environmentalists to protect the landscape and nature, cultural values, artifacts, and to promote growth and a positive active involvement of non-governmental organizations in civil society.

Our goals

  1. Revitalization and care for the Holy Mountain area in Pribram including vicinity.
  2. Promoting activities linking the Holy Mountain with general public, including the merge of the sacral and public areas.
  3. Implementation of the European Landscape Convention principles, namely the increasing awareness of the cultural landscape values.
  4. Landscape and nature protection.
  5. Protection of the landscape cultural values and artifacts.
  6. Environmental protection.

Since early history, this place retains a strong, almost magic influence on all visitors.
Nowadays, the huge Holy Mountain site located amid the town of Pribram serves additional functions.

Our society plans to cooperate with the city authorities and the real estate owners of the surrounding localities to involve them in further development of the Holy Mountain, point out the exceptional landscape values, and explore the possible new utilization of the area while preserving the landscape treasures. At the same time we do welcome any assistance in maintenance and care for overgrown trees and eliminating the weed-like plants.

We also plan to analyze and renew the old pilgrim trails leading to the basilica. Now you can find only fragments of these trails in places marked by scattered crosses in the fields.


Otevrena Svata Hora (OSH)
Svatá Hora 591
261 01 Príbram

t: +420 724 749086

Otevrena Svata Hora (OSH)
Svatá Hora 591



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